Sunday, March 16, 2008

Coloring Book Theatre: Speed Buggy

speed buggyColouring Book Today's colouring book is Hanna Barbera's Speed Buggy, another winner from Saalfield, who actually make some decent books from what I've seen.

This is actually mine from back in the day, Speed Buggy for a time was my favourite cartoon, even though I haven't watched it since the mid seventies, so I'm not sure I still feel the same.

What I think is coolest about it this is the original Woolco price tag, I even knew where I got it and what my mom paid.

I still like old toys with original price tags although I can see why it bothers some.

speed buggy colouring book

It's a pretty standard story, Mark, Tinker and Debbie (I had to look those names up) are getting Speed Buggy ready for a big event. You'd think a talking and thinking car would be enough but no, we have him perform stunts.

speed buggy

Two evil scientists, who look like they stepped out of the first season of Superfriends want Speed's brains to be put into their robot.

speed buggy

This has no real signifigance other than this is the first recorded misspelling of my name to "Brain", most likely done by my sister. This incident now occurs about once a week involving everything from restaurant clerks to my own mother, I barely notice it now.

speed buggy colouring book

Anyway, the usual hijinx occur, robots chases good guys, good guys over come and villains die in a horrible bloody pile.

speed buggy

Another totally personal moment (hey, it is my blog) my rendition of the Speed Buggy crew, sadly I still draw people like this today.

Got a colouring book you'd like to guest review? Drop me a line!

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Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember this show! I think your drawing is my favorite part of the entire post :D


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