Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Superman Talking Alarm Clock

hurry or you will miss sunday school!

Janex is probably best known for their Batman and Robin talking alarm clock which was a big hit. Their Superman clock is lesser known and no wonder, while Batman and Robin started your day with their snappy " Hey Chum and Holy This!" banter, Superman seemed to just nag you. I mean "Better get up or you'll be late"? This is the man of steel!

This paints Superman as the sort of guy who buys kids "slacks" for Christmas.

Still, I kind of want one of these....


JFStan said...

Even a bigger failure, the "Black Canary" alarm clock was loud enough to shatter all the windows in the room and make your ears bleed. :)

rob! said...

i had the Batman one; i think i stopped using it when i was in high school.

and i didnt go out on dates why?


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