Friday, November 30, 2007

1975 Evel Knievel Catalog

Ideal's Evel Knievel was one of the most popular toy lines of the early 1970's, by 1975 Ideal hoped to expand the line by adding adventure to it and of course bringing the girls in with Derry Daring. Click here to see the catalog.


chunky B said...

Oh man, I had the scramble van and a friend had the dragster! That was a cool toy, the figure was sure goofy, just a bendy, but the accessories were cool!

Looking through the catalog I wish I had had the escape from skull canyon set...

JFStan said...

Whoa guys, this is weird.. It just came down the wire that Evel Knievel died! I work in the news biz, and I just saw it. Keep watching the news sites for details!!


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