Monday, November 12, 2007

More Mike Power Atomic Man

GI Joe and Mike Power Atomic Man

Mike Power had a big impact on me as a kid, he beat the Six Million Dollar Man to market by a few months and he was a pretty big deal on the play ground. He was of course, pretty much forgotten once Steve Austin lumbered onto toy shelves.

The Sea Wolf Submarine, also seen on this page is a fantastic toy, a working submarine you can put a Joe into and it comes with a "giant" Squid!

GI Joe and Mike Power Atomic Man

Source: 1975 Alden's Catalog


chunky B said...

Ahhhh, Sea Wolf Submarine we meet again!

I received my Sea Wolf as a Christmas present and it killed me that I had to wait till March to try it out in the pool, well at least try it out with me in the pool as well. My parents did let me take it for a pool side spin Christmas day, my arms about froze off, but it was worth it.

I remember a year or so later taking the squid to a local lake and loosing it to the murky depths, I can still to this day take you to the exact spot I lost that squid!

Arkonbey said...

Ah, I was lucky in my grandfather having a pool. I didn't have any Joes, buy my Adventure People were never lost in its non-murky depths.

I do feel for you, though, Chunky!

Anonymous said...

taking a bath was never as much fun as it was taking it with the sea wolf sub, pruned up fingers aside, a really great toy! loved it when i was a kid.

dusty abell

Anonymous said...

I have a Mike Power standing on my bookshelf right now. Compley with hand copter.


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