Friday, November 02, 2007

Six Million Dollar Man Kenner Maskatron Commercial

New to the web today is the 1976 Maskatron commercial from Kenner. Every child should know the joy of owning a robot doll that becomes John Saxon. That's not sarcasm, I really mean it!


These are scans from the 1976 Kenner catalog, click on the link for more. Expect more Bionic Man and Woman stuff in the new year.



Anonymous said...

Maskatron was the bomb! He and Steve Austin rank right up there with GI Joe, Big Jims, & Megos as the toys I played to death.

Great commercial!

Swinebread said...

I had Steve but not Maskatron...

Anonymous said...

I still have Steve Austin and Maskatron. The original Action Figures. I played the heck out of them but then packed them up and have had them put away ever since.
They are wrapped up with five of my Original G.I.Joes, Big Jim and Big Jeff, Remember those guys with the Karate chopping arms? Not to mention my Evil Canevil motorcycle,Dragster and traveling Van. I remember jumping those things off of the curbs in my neighberhood.
Anyway, great website, brought back some FANTASTIC memories.
By the way, I'm going to meet John Saxon at a convention in L.A. next month. He's the Actor who played Maskatron in the Six million Dollar Man.


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