Friday, November 09, 2007

Scout's Honour

Kenner's Steve and Bob Scout line was an answer to other "Razor and razor blades" adventure lines like Big Jim and G.I. Joe but with a sharp focus on being wholesome. Steve and Bob were 9" Mego like figures that had well made outfits and accesories. Visit the Plaid Stallions Steve Scout Gallery for more pictures and info.


chunky B said...

Talk about under the radar, I have never seen these. You think about it though, what an awesome toy, kids can have a hero and like their hero, join scouting. The accessories alone make this line awesome, dig those fuzzy gloves on the snow set!

Anonymous said...

You might think it was an awesome toy, chunky, but my brother got one for his birthday one year. In our collection that contained GI Joes, Big Jims, Mego Superheroes, Planet of the Apes, and Bionic Mans - how often do you think we opted to play with the boy scout?

Exactly. Poor Steve & Bob just had the coolness factor working seriously against them!


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