Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Darth Mall and an appearance by the Incredible Hulk!

Two more additions to the Plaidstallions Mall Appearance Gallery today and they're both pretty fantastic!

Daniel Preston sent in this fantastic pic of Darth Vader at the Mac Dade Mall Woolco in PA, Vader choked that Imperial officer when his marker ran dry.

Mark ( AKA Vulcanjedi ) sent in this wild Incredible Hulk Appearance at the 1979 Philadelphia Car Show, also in attendance were Eric Estrada and Scott Baio, hopefully he can find those pictures.


rob! said...

yknow, as i was scrolling down, i anticipated a real nightmare for the Hulk pic...but thats not really that bad!

if i had seen him as a kid, i woulda bought he was really the Hulk!

Anonymous said...

i wonder if the hulk dude talked in hulkspeak. and did he sign his autograph with just a big "X"?


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