Monday, August 13, 2007

Vintage Toys I saw at Wizard World

I should almost call this post "stuff that tempted me" as I posted at the Megomuseum Blog, I attended Wizard World this weekend in Chicago and was blown away by the amount of vintage toys available. I'm tired, so let's just go through my photo's and I'll get back to catalogs tomorrow, I promise. Above is a boxed Remco Climbing Spider-Man, a shorter version of Energized Spider-man, it was sooooo minty. (pic courtesy of Heroes)

A full set of 12 backs in very nice condition, I don't know how I'll ever swing it but one day these will be mine.

Actually, I was surprised by the amount of decent "entry level" (meaning cheap) vintage Star Wars pieces available at this show. I'm officially on the wagon when it comes to Lucas, so it was bothersome.

The Monsterizer just plain bothered me, I collect Remco Mini Monsters and this is just like, the neatest toy ever. I don't know why but I held out and bought a carded Mego Planet of the Ape instead, he's a very pretty ape though......

I can't believe I forgot to show this pic of SuperPowers toys, such a beautiful, classic line and really hard not to stare at.


chunky B said...

That's amazing stuff, I would have never made it out of there with out selling a kidney or something...

Anonymous said...

I had lots of the super powers toys too.


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