Thursday, August 09, 2007

Viewmaster Gift Sets


My dad used to sell Viewmasters, so I've always kind of dug them. My kids can watch anything they want whenever they want, so I guess viewmasters won't be the big deal they were for me. If you look at some of them today, the amount of care that went into them is pretty noticeable.

These gift sets were something I always wanted to have, I've never seen the "Science Fiction" pack before, anybody have it? What reels came with it.


GW said...

Oh, wow, I never knew they had big gift packs like that! Viewmasters rock.

rob! said...

i love that Monsters one!!

Anonymous said...

I had the talking viewmaster gift pack, but I remember Flinstones discs coming with it.. You had a push a small red button after each picture (before pressing the talk button) or it occasionally repeated itself.

Lady Jaye said...

I was more of a Fisher-Price movie viewer myself. In fact I still have my viewer camera (albeit with a loose focus wheel) and all my carts (including Sesame Street, The Pink Panther, Goofy Glider, Lonesome Ghost...). Always thought they were much superior to View-Masters.


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