Friday, August 24, 2007

Our Ways Studios Catalog

While not an instantly recognizable name, Ourways Studios produced some of the wildest superhero merch in the 70's, heavily advertised in the comics themselves. Best known for their awesome stickers and decals their product features art by some of the true greats like Neal Adams and John Romita. The catalog not only features their product but examples of their rocking store display systems as well.

Ok, I find the term "Super Dumps" really funny, sometimes I'm six years old.....


chunky B said...

Those are so cool, I loves me some paper products, especially cut outs! How cool would those be, I never remember seeing those as a kid. Those are really neat.

The display is great as well.

Anonymous said...

These are excellent, I would have done anything for them as a kid..

On one of those catalog pages, the kid is making Supes give Bats a man-hug.. WTF?? Did I miss that issue of World's Finest?

rob! said...

there's a display(i cant bring myself to call them "dumps") for DC's treasury comics:

...and even tho i bet its going to be nigh impossible ever to find one, i wont rest until i do...

Swinebread said...

These were one of the only ways to see DC and Marvel together.

As for Superdumps, check out the Hulk in Twisted Toyfare Theater.

Tommy! said...

I really like this post. These superhero items really bring back a lot of good memories. I had the "Life-Size Batman" as a kid. As an adult collector I have the smaller Batman MIP & will try to get a large one later.

Also, I plan on posting 2 of these pics in my bat-blog with a link to your site. It's been awhile since I visited here & I can see some nice improvements, good job.

Come check out my site some time. I've been working on it & have added some new features.

Thanx, Tommy

Lady Jaye said...

That company must have had European sales too, since I did have as a kid a big jointed Goldorak one (and since Goldorak never became big in the US, I can only assume that mine was imported from France or Italy).

Anonymous said...

I love that the display says "jointed heroes." Mom, can I have a jointed hero for Christmas? I also like that the ad says "contains 180 heroes." That would be cool.
"Sir! Godzilla is attacking the city!"
"Quick! Phone Our Way and order a box of 180 heroes, as fast as they can deliver!"
"Sir! Shouldn't we order two boxes? Mothra kicked our heinies last time when we only had 200 heroes."


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