Friday, August 17, 2007

Space:1976 The Future Was Fantastic!

mattel space 1999

One of the reasons I began collecting toys was my love for Space:1999 merchandise, so these Mattel Space:1999 toy offerings from 1976 are something I'm really hyped about bringing to the site.


chunky B said...

Have you ever noticed that the toys you remember playing with every day are no longer around, I must have worn my Eagle One Playset out taking it on space adventures. That has to be one of the greatest toys ever made. I remember we had made a trip to my Grandparents to spend Christmas and I scored the Eagle One, an Aircraft carrier that shot these little foam planes, and a Lego set of the moon lander... Awesome Christmas!

Swinebread said...

My Space: 1999 toys just disappeared one day. I blame the family move across town.


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