Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bert and Ernie Keep Me Warm!

hey bert

Could this possibly be the grooviest piece of Sesame St merchandise ever? If I owned these, they'd be the only things I'd wear and I mean only.

Revamped the Plaidstallions website yesterday, drop by and let me know your thoughts.


Jon Hunt said...

that's a disturbing image you've painted, there.

The site looks great! Love the header.

Anonymous said...

Sesame Street apparel made by grandmas in sweat shops!!! Also for use as doilies!!!

Like the revamp Brian, although the folks at work may wonder what kind of site I'm on due to the header!!!

Earth 2 Chris

Shawn Robare said...

The revamp looks a lot cleaner, less random as for as the placing of pictures and words.

Man if you gave those to kids today they'd probably expect them to make weird sounds when you hit things with them like Hulk and Thing hands and feet. "Ernie! Stop smacking me!"


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