Monday, January 01, 2007

Canadian Star Wars Goodies

Canada got some neat exclusive Star Wars stuff and this page from '79 represents my favourite period for the Kenner (Here in Canada Irwin) toys

The cardboard deathstar was also sold in the UK but not in the US, the Utility belts did not make George Lucas happy and were quickly deleted. I had one, they were really crappy. The stuffed Jawas are tough to find as is a Canadian only 3 foot tall Chewie, it's what keeps me going to yard sales and Value Village.......

Here is a good reference book on Canadian Star Wars exclusives.


Jon Hunt said...

Did you guys get that cardboard cantina setup, with the blue snaggletooth?

I had one friend who had that. And I hated him. I coveted that blue snaggletooth like nothing else.

rob! said...

why would any Star Wars toy be available in Canada and NOT the U.S.? wasn't any piece of SW merch a pretty much a license to print money in 1978?


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