Friday, January 05, 2007

I wanna be a wookie

star wars costumes

These Star Wars Playsuits are head and shoulders above the Ben Cooper Darth Vader suit I wore in '78, but where are the humans?

star wars costumes

Did anyone else have remote controlled R2-D2? Did it break like 3 days after you got it? Mine did, the only thing it would do after that was make those high pitched squeals, the batteries magically went missing after a long car ride.....

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rob! said...

i did have that remote R2D2. i dont remember whether it broke early or not, but i do remember beubg disappointed with how dull it was--"Beep boop beep!" uh, ok, now what?

Percy Trout said...

I had the RSDS Remore Control Figure too. Eventually, it would beep and squak periodically all by it's lonesome. Creepy.


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