Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Inflatable Hulk


The Incredible walking Hulk toy seemed pretty logical in 1978, I'm not sure what it's real purpose is. It just walks around, it seems the novelty would wear off in moments but I could be wrong. All I know is, that I'm sure it would scare the hell out of me on one of my 3 am kitchen visits.......


Somewhat more logical is the Incredible Hulk Bop Bag, except that it's giving children the message that no harm will come to you, if you throw punches at muscular men who are already agitated.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know how he "walked"? That's a similar idea to the old remote controled robots sold at Radio Shack in the early 80s. I had one. His feet were hard plastic with wheels, which you activated by RC. His body...a big balloon.


Chief-Ten-Bears said...

Little did Mattel know they were sowing the seeds of dometic violence by printing what appeared to be, an angry, green, semi-nude, large breasted woman on their bop bags.

Anonymous said...

The walking Hulk was based on a walking robot (or vice versa) named "Marzon" (which I had). The base contained a motor and 2 rotating plastic pins which made him lean side to side as he rolled. I had a blast with Marzon, but I had never seen the Hulk until now.

rburchett said...

Marzon came out in 1978. I think it was before the Hulk. It didn't turn out to be exciting, but seemed like a great idea because it was the first automated toy that was full size.


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