Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sleep Well, You Will, Young Jedi.

Ahhhhhh, Star Wars bedding. I'm not sure I ever had the the sheets to any of these but my mom was always cool and buy me the pillow case.

This pic from the 1979 Sears Canada is the bomb, not only does the kid have Empire sheets months before the movie comes out but he's got the cool cardboard Deathstar and the Micronauts Star Defender! Lucky!

I actually still have the pillow case from this set, one night I put it on my son's bed. He looked horrified and asked me to switch the pillow case. My rebuttal of "But that's Boba Fett!" had no effect on a four year old who has never seen Star Wars.......


Jon Hunt said...

I keep saying to my wife, "How come they don't make Star Wars bedding for big double beds, since 30-somethings are who like Star Wars these days?"

She keeps looking at me in that "grounds for divorce" way.

Anonymous said...

my son got a full set for christmas this year, pottery barn sells them, same exact pattern as 1977 in more sizes (and pottery barn prices)


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