Monday, July 31, 2006

Oh Happy Day

I decided to go to what I think is the grossest flea market in the world yesterday, it's a very short drive from my home yet, I never go. Why? Because it smells in there.

Seriously, I was kind of hungry when I went in but quickly lost my appetite. It's an old barn where the vendors just stack the crap to the ceiling. About a year previous there was a dealer with a bunch of old catalogs, he was rude and wanted to sell everything as a set (including dime a dozen summer/falls bleah!) and I hadn't been back since.

As I was leaving yesterday, i noticed a box under a guys table and began to scrounge, it was old fliers mostly but at the bottom was a SHOPRITE CATALOG! (those unfamiliar with my obessesion with that store click now)

I also grabbed this one for "Cardinal" a chain i have not heard of nor does the catalog list locations or anything for that matter. Wonder how they could have gone under?

The bittersweet portion of this is that the Shoprite toy section kind of sucks in this one, damn my memory. Also there isn't a scrap of Mego to be seen. Still they'll be scanned in great detail shortly.

Also picked this up for me and the boy on Saturday, I vowed not to buy fisher price adventure people but this one over powered me. The chute works just as good as I remember.

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