Friday, July 07, 2006

Reasons it rocked to be 6 in '76 Part one : GI Joe

The GI Joe Super Adventure Team Rocked!
A couple of disclaimers, I was five for the majority of 1976 but that doesn't make for an interesting title.

Secondly, I was a boy, girls toys for all I know sucked in 1976, I would not be aware.

It was very disapointing to read in collector books that the GI Joe Super Adventure Team is not well regarded among collectors.

For me characters such as Bulletman and Mike Power Atomic Man represent when things got really cool for GI Joe. I spent hours playing with those two.

But nothing and I mean nothing, screams 1976 for me like the Capture Copter (pictured above). I remember every single detail about that piece, when i got it, the box art, how mad i was when my mom stopped to pick strawberries on the way home from the store, locking it in the car!

I think it's time that 30somethings took back the Super Adventure team from the "painted hair" collectors and rewrote the "footnote" history, so attrocities like this will not continue.....

Do not mock Bulletman
Agggghhhh! You Dare to Mock Bulletman? then suffer my wrath!
And cover up for Gosh's sakes!


MegoScott said...

Holy crap! The Defenders of Bulletman convention looks like even more fun than Mego Con! They had races and a sit-down dinner! Most disturbing costume I've seen this week.

Plaidstallions said...

I really shouldn't cut up people who dress like toys.


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