Monday, July 24, 2006

I got to meet Lou Scheimer!

Lou Scheimer signed my Mego Isis CardAt San Diego Comic Con this weekend, a woman handed me a Filmation Flash Gordon Tattoo, I quickly told her that i was a fan. She replied "We have Lou Scheimer signing this afternoon" I completely lost it. Even as a kid I equated that name to countless Filmation Cartoons.

I was there at 2pm on the nose for the signing, second in line behind a young She-Ra fan. I brought a Mego Museum Isis Card from Mark's table to get him to sign. Mr Scheimer was a real gentleman, while I explained that I got my appreciation for Tarzan from him, his daughter explained to me "Oh Dad loves Tarzan" How cool is that? The item on the left might be my favourite thing I got this weekend.

More SDCC coverage at the Mego Museum Blog

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