Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Power of TV Advertising: Iggy and Sandy

its iggy and sandy arent they great? no?

The amazing Iggy and Sandy made it onto my Christmas 1976 wishlist, they are a cone and a box that shape snow/sand. The people in the commercial made them look like they were more fun than a day at Disneyland with Batman.
What the hell was I thinking? I was risking losing cool toys for these things?
Luckily I screwed up their names, I think I called it "Igoo" because the commercial was on during the Herculoids and my Mom just ignored it. Phew!
One the Mego side, I updated my "Other" site ForeignMego today with new France and South Africa Gallery pages, enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I had the Iggy and Sandy....Tel Pro also made the infamous Super Slider Sno Skates which I blew part of MY wish list on, and one December night, about minus 15, I went out on my parents driveway with those things head filled with the amazingly fun time I was going to have with these all winter and they SHATTERED LIKE GLASS as soon as I crossed a little patch of about devasted....all that heartfelt I'll do anything for these kid-cajoling hours I spent in front of my parents lay in little red plastic pieces in front of me....Tel Pro you broke my heart for a second...but it's still a great seventies memory.


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