Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What exactly were Pulsar's powers?

Let me just take my shirt off

When i first saw the commercial for Mattel's Pulsar, I admit I wanted one but even then, I wondered what exactly was the advantage to having a see through chest.
Was it a good for fighting crime, did bank robbers drop their guns in order to vomit?
Pulsar's enemy was named Hypnos and is pictured above, he had the same issues as Pulsar but he's not as gross. There is a back story here that the world needs to know, how come we have erotic stories for Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers but not a decent Pulsar origin story?


Anonymous said...

I had both of these guys back in the day. Now Hypnos, I assumed, was... well, hypnotic. But Pulsar had me confused as well. I finally decided that his see through chest was a result of some super metabolic experiment that gave him super strength, speed, blah blah blah. What I could never come up with a reason for, though, was why he put computer disks in his head. Or how I could know that speaking into the mike grill in the back of his head was really making my voice come out of his mouth.

Anonymous said...

I had, for years, been trying to remember the name of my old Pulsar toy. I must have had an early version, because I don't think mine had the mike in the back of the head... no, mine just breathed and pumped cherry Kool-aid through his system.

The most visible "blood flow" on this guy, as I recall, was through his oddly transparent small intestines. !??

Don Gates said...

I'm obsessed with Pulsar. A friend of mine recently came up with an awesome backstory for him. I won't put it here because it's too long but suffice it to say, I'm both jealous of his creativity and saddened that we can't go back in time and convince Mattel that they should use it... it'd be a huge winner in the Six Million Dollar Man era.

PatrickS said...

I miss Pulsar and Hypnos. They mysteriously entered my life under a Christmas tree, and left my life in equally mysterious circumstances, by being left behind at a picnic near the Atlantic ocean. I never knew their significance, and perhaps never will, but I miss them dearly. Good luck boys.


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