Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Metal Men Rock

the metal men from zee toys

I have a real fondness for the Metal Men from Zee toys. These generic looking guys used to be sold at a local hobby shop when i was a kid. I remember being confused by the lack of a back story but they were just so neat looking.

As an adult i realized that many of the Metal Men share body part with the Mego Micronauts but the liberties taken with these figures is what is so cool. I guess wish I could afford to buy more, these guys can get expensive......


plasticfetish said...

This was an odd little line of figures, but I had one of them (Radon), and it was a fun toy.

Zee Toys was located in Long Beach, CA -- I lived there for years, and always wondered where the headquarters used to be.

Truthspew said...

Interesting, back when toys used to require imagination to run instead of electrons.

I remember those days. And I wish I had held onto my G.I. Joe's, they were the ORIGINAL's damn it!


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