Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Amish Lingerie

I ll tell you what it is after you drink it

Wow, I think I see a little foot there, whew! Getting hot in here. Not that I expect women to wear pvc cat suits to bed but this is the north American equivalent of the Burca.

I think the mother's hat is the true indicator that she's done with fornication for good. It kind of reminds of those royal guard guys from Star Wars.
I'll never complain about my wife's ratty basketball shirt again........
On that note, Plaid Stallions is going offline for the rest of the week, so I can cover San Diego Comic Con for the Megomuseum. Next week, I'll promise more tacky clothes, toys and even less direction!


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I own a dress that looks exactly like the one in the middle.. including the bonnet... though it's used for Mountain Man Rendevous/Re-enactments/Shooting Competetions.

Anonymous said...

Ester!! Behave & cover up!!..your ANKLES are showing!


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