Sunday, May 11, 2008

Colouring Book Theatre: Shazam!

Shazam Colouring Book In searching for the now mythis Superman colouring book, I found this oversized Shazam Book. Cover image borrowed from Treasury

Shazam was one of my favourite characters as a kid, it probably didn't hurt that I was like 3 years old when he made his return/merchandising blitz.

I got this in a lot of Treasury Comics, it had been used somewhat so I gave it to my son and from what I can see, he coloured two pages and it got put away.

The book is very well done, trying to emulate that classic C.C. Beck art style and tone, which was always a shock for a kid who got introduced to the character via the popular Filmation TV series.

Tshazam colouring  book

The book opens with Captain Marvel beating the snot out of some bank robbers, one escapes but is found by Cap's evil nemesis, Dr. Sivana. Sivana puts "Bummy" in a device (that no doubt shaves uni-brows) and he's a dead ringer for cap. Great nickname, "Bummy" I'd be thrilled with that title.

Tshazam colouring  book

So Sivana kidnaps a girl with the help of his Bummy Marvel and the real Cap investigates. Budget concious Sivana has made use of the discarded Eye brow hair from earlier.

Tshazam colouring  book

Cap is now a wanted man so he consults the Wizard for advice, note that somebody has decided to add a little hilarity to the situation.

Tshazam colouring  book

Out of no where an orphan boy shows up but wrong, he's a midget looking to cut himself in. I have met many a little person in my life and none have ever fooled me into thinking they were a ten year old.

Tshazam colouring  book

Cap shows up finally and to prove who the real Cap is, he lays a royal beating on Bummy. It goes on for three pages! I would have never suspected Captain Marvel had anger issues.

Tshazam colouring  book

Cap then turns into Billy, who then takes on the bad guy midget for two pages, what the hell? This is more violent than the Batman book. Billy then comments how easy it was and turns into Captain Marvel to bring his carcass back to the authorities.

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rob! said...

one of my favorites, i had it as a kid. SHAZAM!

Adam Gott said...

This one has a bit more advanced artwork and it looks like it would have been pretty hard to color!

Anonymous said...

Admit it, Brian... it was YOU who added the book title! :p

tjo' said...

That's some nice pugilistic form Billy has in that last page.


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