Sunday, April 19, 2020

Colouring Book Theater: Wonder Woman Faces the Menace of the Mole Men!

wonderbug Colouring Book Time to crack open another vintage colouring book and see the madness inside!

Wonder Woman faces the Menace of the Mole Men!

This book is from 1975 and is available in two sizes, in previous CBT segments I've reviewed the Batman and Shazam books in this series.

The first thing I want to point out is how much I love how angry Wonder Woman is on the cover, the male heroes are all smiling but not Diana!

So grab your crayons and check out this adventure after the jump! 

Fantastic Four colouring  book
This series is always really well-drawn and the thing that makes them unique is they are essentially comic books, complete with a detailed plot, word balloons and pages with panels. Essentially, it's the closest a kid could get to being a colourist. 

Fantastic Four colouring  book
I'm not really big on Wonder Woman history but she works for the United Nations under a guy named Morgan. People, namely women, start getting pulled down in earthquakes prompted Diana to turn into Wonder Woman. 

Fantastic Four colouring  book

She immediately goes to Paradise Island to recruit a scientist named Paula, we know she's a scientist because she's the only Amazon with glasses.

Fantastic Four colouring  book
Her and Paula get captured almost immediately and meet Calla, head slave of the Mole people. The men are blind so they need the women to be their slaves and dig in their plot to take over the UN.

Fantastic Four colouring  book
Wonder Woman spends a lot of time in chains, I guess that removes her powers. She even starts calling the Mole Men "Master" at some point. Although she does escape more than once.

Fantastic Four colouring  book
While Paula and Calla organize a revolution, Wonder Woman is forced to dance for the Mole king. Eventually breaking free and kicking his ass.

Fantastic Four colouring  book
Paula then operates on the Mole Men and gives them sight, all of a sudden, they're no longer evil. The Mole King hits on Calla, 

Fantastic Four colouring  book
Gonna chalk this one up to Stockholm syndrome here.

whitman wonder woman colouring  book
Diana goes back to her boss, who essentially did nothing. Wonder Woman comics are sometimes really weird. 

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YesterdayIsNow said...

What does "Low bridge blakfu!" mean? Some kind of mole man language?

wee67 said...

This is one of the few coloring books I own. I picked it up for a dollar and I don't think I've ever opened it.

Richard said...

This is actually a reworking of a story by WW creators William Marston and Harry Peter from 1943:

But if you have any familiarity with those original WW stories, you didn't need me to tell you that.

Gamera977 said...

So is Paula is a scientist or a surgeon? I mean I assumed she was a geologist since they were going underground but I guess not?

And now that the Molemen have their vision back they don't need to kidnap surface women so they can see to take over the UN either huh?

Rob Bartlett said...

I wouldn't expect a children's coloring book to be the first time for the Scapria tactic to actually work, but then again, she was the one setting the ultimatum.

Seventiesfan said...

I had this coloring book back in 1975, and when I bought it again a few years ago, it brought back some nice memories.


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