Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Toy-Ventures: Kung Fu Stuff!

Note: Warner Brothers doesn't like that i used the show intro in the video and has blocked it on mobile devices. Sorry.

Instead of looking at a single toy, I thought I'd share my collection of merchandise from the 1970s tv classic "Kung Fu". There wasn't a ton of merchandise for the show but there is plenty of neat stuff like lunchboxes, figurines, viewmasters, and even comics! 

Snatch this pebble from my hand and join me on this toy-venture!

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Seventiesfan said...

The only Kung Fu items I own are a comic book and a Durham action figure, and neither is related to the TV show.

John said...

Why is the WB angry ? Your doing them a favor keeping the spirit of the show alive . I think the only other product was a hair shave kit for kids complete with sharp razors and Chinese shaving foam made with radiator fluid .

Anonymous said...

This Anon still has his paperback novelization of the pilot episode. Great stuff and, surprisingly a good read in its own right.

The snooty literary world tends to look down their noses at such fare, but a lot of tie-in books are quality reading material.


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