Thursday, July 04, 2019

T-Shirts: 1975

If you had to pick two, which would they be? Me,  I'd go for the Vantastic Dodge and Pinball Wizard of course because I sure can play a mean steel ball.

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Scott J Baker said...

I gotta go with Bullwinkle and U.S. MALE.

Anonymous said...

For 1975?

This Anon was still wearing toddler-tees so I'm guessing I was sporting Sesame Street and Peanuts.

Miss USA brought me to a visual stand-still. That woman is seriously smokin'. Just isn't common to see features like hers anymore, not in print or much anywhere else. They've faded" from America's genetic melting pot pretty much everywhere except the really rural mid-West.

She has that look of "pioneer farmer stock". Dunno what it is about 70s women, but the ones who turned up in print were almost without exception truly and hauntingly gorgeous.

Even some of the "younger set" has picked up on this. Pop artist Garrett Borns even made references to this in at least one of his songs. He's young enough to be my son so it isn't just fogie-nostalgia.

Not that it has any personal appeal, but that rainbow question mark would be all kinds of popular today for entirely different reasons. In case anyone is wondering, San Fransisco artist Gilbert Baker produced the first Rainbow Flag in 1978.

In the context of this catalog page, to misquote Freud, sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow.

Historically speaking, printed tees were the commercialized outgrowth of the hippie movement's preference for iron-ons. These were popularly sold through the primary literary supplement of the hippie movement: the comic book.

Here's some of the far-out stuff that was available.

Now y'all have some serious choosin' to do. :D

Seventiesfan said...

I'm almost certain I had a "Pinball Wizard" t-shirt many years ago. I still have an old "Master of Disaster shirt from that era. My brother still jokes about it.

Armpit Studios said...

#1 Do It in the Dirt! Hell, I wish I had one now!
#2 The Holly Hobby. I kid. Probably the van or USA.


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