Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Beach and Cruisewear for Men

Ladies and gents, I have found my summer look in C, I'm never taking that puppy off. Come September it will have a fine musk of sweat and German beer.


John said...

Splash on some HI KARATE to complete your look and smell. The ladies just can't resist ! I'd buy them if they were still available .

Jón Páll said...

May your abs get the exposure they deserve.

Anonymous said...

You might be joking about C, but This Anon knows plain-clothes detectives who favor warm-weather shirts with prints like that. The garish patterns break up the visual outline of uh... large bulky items they wear under their shirts at the waist-line.

Personally, I'd go with [A] all the way in white. That's the Steve Austin Leisure Look without the royalties. [B] has similar potential especially since GI Joe Adventure Team aftermarket patches are now commercially available.


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