Monday, July 15, 2019

Toy-Ventures: Torpedo Fist from Big Jim's Wolfpack!

Our focus this week is one of the top agents in the Professional Agents Crime Killers (or P.A.C.K) , the amazing Torpedo Fist.

We talk about the evolution of Mattel's Big Jim, the birth of the PACK, Jack Kirby, the launch of "Double Trouble", Torpedo Fist's origin story and even touch how the character ended up on the Masters of the Universe (sorta kinda?) .

It's a jam-packed Toy-Ventures and one I'm certain you'll enjoy!

Hosted and edited by Brian Heiler (@plaidstallions)

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Gamera977 said...

Ya know if I had a Torpedo Fist I'd show up at every job interview by punching down the door...

Jack Norris said...

"Crime killers"? So they just go out flat-out vigilante-murdering the bad guys? Pretty hardcore for a toy team.


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