Thursday, July 25, 2019

Toy-Ventures: ERTL Star Trek 3

We're back after a short break and going to take a look at a 1980s property for a change. 

This week is all about the rarely talked about ERTL Star Trek 3 line, one of the most obscure toy lines of the 1980s. We delve into the back story of Star Trek movie toys, how these got made and why they didn't really succeed.  

Hosted and edited by Brian Heiler (@plaidstallions)

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John H said...

I like it when you delve into the 80's from time to time. I remember the 70's somewhat, but the 80's I remember the most from my childhood.

Jón Páll said...

Great work Mr. Heiler.
You are a fountain of information.

Olga Rose said...

Ah Star Trek figures, Fun stuff!

Unfortunately I can't say I saw many in my childhood. =( Would have loved to have had them.

Gamera977 said...

I love that they used the same body for all the Starfleet personnal. Seems James Doohan lost a lot of weight with his figure...


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