Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Talking Books

I honestly don't remember talking books but i love it's "low tech" concept of it basically being a talking doll in book form. I'd love to play with one now.

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Anonymous said...

This is undoubtedly the ancestor of the solid-state "sound-effect" books so common today. As with so many things, this might be more low-tech, but it's an altogether better concept. Here the book "reads" the story. Sound-effect books just have a thin side-strip of buttons that make various noises somehow vaguely relevant to the story on the pages.

The only draw-back herre is the art. Those are probably the creepiest Three Bears in print. The artist appeares to have been influenced by the chimps from "Planet Of The Apes", which is fine up to a point. If they wanted Goldilocks On The Planet Of The Apes, fine. It might have even been an interesting take.

My aunt, God rest her soul, collected Little Golden books as a hobby so this Anon has some experience with a variety of different childrens' artists. Drawing story-book bears isn't -that- difficult.

Sabrina Steyling said...

I had the farmer says See & Say, but as far as talking books I had a Magic Wand Reader from Texas Instruments. You swiped the wand over bar codes in the books and it "read" to you in a totally 80s robotic voice. I loved that thing!

John said...

Good Gravy ! Bozo the Clown is talking to me ? He almost looks like the inspiration for Stephen Kings " IT " . ...Ahhhhhhhhhh..


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