Monday, April 30, 2018

Summer People

This is the cast of every Italian Zombie/Canibal film I've ever seen (and brother, I've seen a bunch).


Unknown said...

Ha! Ha! They have to start in New York city first, and then wind up in some Green Inferno!

Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures said...

Lol! They all look like douche bags... all ready to ride off to their doom!

Anonymous said...

"Caron International" even sounds like some low-budget Italian distribution company, probably a Mafia money-laundering front.

The lower-right inset is shaping up a bit more classy, though. Pure Video Marc Dorcel, one of the clasics like "Filles de Luxe".

That would mean we're looking at Gabriel Pontello and Dominique Aveline in the "pool scene". Any moment Claudia van Statt and Marianne Aubert are going to wander over and ask for the time/ directions/ a light/ whatever.


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