Friday, April 27, 2018

Pod Stallions 61: Superman!

We return once again with an all new Pod Stallions and in celebration of the Man of Steel's 80th birthday we thought we'd make him our topic (We haven't done this one right? Cause it feels real familiar).

So we dig right in and talk about George Reeves, Filmation, the Super Friends, Dean Cain, Superboy, Mego figures and we finish along the way with what we think of the current incarnation of the Man of Steel.

Sidetrack conversations include Records, Michael J Pollard sightings, the Martian Chronicles, another "Brian was a dumb kid" story, local tv celebrities, Spawn and a whole long diatribe about Condor Man. 

Can you read our mind? Listen along and tell us!

What's your favourite Superman incarnation?  give us spirited debate on our facebook wall.

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1 comment:

Alan said...

Brian, I also asked my mother when color was invented when I was a little kid, so you're not alone!

Was the intention to split you guys across different audio channels on this episode a conscious decision? And if so, could I vote "No" on that for next time? It makes it a little more difficult to hear you guys in the car or on the train.

Still my favorite podcast, keep up the good work!


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