Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sweathogs Vs Fonzie

Even as a kid, I knew the Sweathogs bike really belonged to Big Jim, they clearly stole it.

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Jón Páll said...

The G.I. Joe hang glider:

This is truthfully the first time I noticed how similar the Adventure Team logo is to the Avengers.

Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures said...

That G.I. Joe hang glider looks like something that I would toss off the highest place I could find (With poor G.I. Joe strapped in it) to see how it would fly...

Hauntedheadful said...

Note that during this time in action figure history,GI Joe Adventure Team is starting to lose steam in sales.Already at clearance prices,The line would be finished inside of 2 years.But,Hasbro's Joe was certainly around longer than Mego's Fonzie or Mattel's Sweathogs!

Anonymous said...

Gosh! What a look on this Fonzie doll.

Stretch his checks a little wider, and he could double for the cartoon character: Alfred E. Newman. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I Mean, "Stretch his cheeks a little wider".

Doggone you, spell-checker! :p

Anonymous said...

Both phrases work equally well, Anon Above Me.

If Fonzie puts in some overtime down at the garage, he will indeed "strech his checks a little wider".

"Stretch his cheeks a little wider" is the last thing Arthur Fonzarelli hears before he wakes up again with a scream stifled in his throat. He's heard it countless times, just at the edge of sleep. Stealing his second motorcycle gave him more than a week in Juvie Hall. After the older boys were done with him, he left the facility with a recurring nightmare that's haunted him his entire life. It always begins the same way the cause of it did... "C'mon guys, I said hold the little punk down already."

All that constant Casanova ladies-man stuff in the show was his way of coping. If every girl he ever met wanted him, if he could notch his bedposts until they splintered, then no matter what happened all those years ago, maybe he wasn't a little punk bent over a bed with a filthy tube-sock jammed in his mouth.


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