Friday, April 06, 2018

1981 Lone Ranger Catalog by Gabriel Toys

The Lone Ranger was riding high in 1981 thanks to a popular Saturday morning Cartoon series (by my favourite company Filmation) and the promise of a big budget film (that didn't work out so good).

So, Gabriel Toys blasted the toy shelves with two distinct toy lines, a relaunch of their popular 1970s 9" Toy line and a 3 3/4" line so you could have Tonto get a sasparilla in the Creature Cantina!
Visit THE 1981 Gabriel Toys Lone Ranger Catalog here!


Anonymous said...

...and in spite of the terrific detailing on the 9" line, it's easy money the 3 3/4" line outsold them five to one for just that reason.

If the figures sold that much at all.

Kenner's Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid 3/3/4" line suffered a similar fate just a few years earlier back in '78. Plaid Stallions did a nice feature on them here:

Butch even got a plug in the original Star Wars Kenner catalog on the last page.

Maybe this anon is wrong, but I don't think Western-themed toys have ever been a huge hit again in the post-Star Wars era -even when paired with a sci-fi theme. BraveStarr came and went without any lasting impact. The Galaxy Rangers (based on an incredibly well-animated cartoon show) had even less notice.

It's a shame, really. George Lucas created a cultural juggernaut that mindlessly kicked aside a bunch of great toy lines.

Neal P said...

The gun and holster set in this catalog looks a lot like the one I got for my birthday in 1972, so I suspect that was another toy they dug out of the vault for another run. Even in the early 70s, Western toys were not a favorite of mine, preferring cops & robbers or secret agent themes. I can only imagine how little kids in the 80s cared about Western stuff in the wake of Star Wars.

Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures said...

I had the big figures when I was really little, but the when 3 3/4 figures came out I wanted them but no one ever got them for me... you know 70s adult logic, "you already have a Lone Ranger! You're not getting another one!"

Melissa said...

I vividly remember the TV spot for these. One line of the song mentioned a covered wagon, but at the time I thought they said "cupboard wagon," which confused me much longer than it should have.


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