Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Dungeons and Dragons Mania


I  remember that "Mazes and Monsters" TV Movie really wrecked Dungeons and Dragons for more than one friend of mine. Thanks a lot, Tom Hanks!

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Chris Wuchte said...

I'd completely forgotten the electronic games. I know I owned that handheld one, but could never convince my parents to buy the big one.

ericrules42 said...

Oh man, That Dark Tower game was the best! I literally played it until it fell apart!

Anonymous said...

With good reason, Chris. It was big bucks! My folks balked too.

We weren't all as well-off as Encrules42. Dark Tower was a "grail" for many of us even before the term became popular. Fortunately the game has such a following there's a comprehensive fan site


and somebody lovingly ported the game into flash.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,

What is the game or toy...with the guy in the white turban?

Lance said...

I had the hand held one as well. Not sure what happened to it, probably in a box somewhere. However I do have and recently checked my large D&D electronic game, mint as can be, still has the bubblewrap around it inside the box. I got it from a Kay Bee Toys in West Lafeyette Indiana visiting my grandparents one summer. According to the price tag on it, it was marked down to $19.99.

I love my Dark Tower more though and it hangs around my house while poor old E D&D gets to sit at my mom's with so many other of my board games.


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