Friday, September 23, 2016

Pod Stallions 47: Roddy McDowall

Our latest show is a tribute to one of our favourite actors and certainly somebody that requires no introduction to any child of the 1970s.

Episode 47 is all about Roddy McDowall, although we purposely sidestep Planet of the Apes, mostly because we do whole shows on that topic any way and also because the guy had a pretty incredible career on top of being Galen/Cornelius/Caesar.

We chat his various television series like Tales of the Gold Monkey and Fantastic Journey and his incredible amount of guest spots on shows like Batman, Columbo, Quantum Leap and even Pinkey and the Brain.

And of course, we discuss films like Fright Night, The Black Hole and the Legend of Hell House among others.

Hit us up on our facebook page and tell us what your favourite Roddy McDowall role is!

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1 comment:

Alan said...

Funny timing: on my commute last night and this morning, I was listening to your "Planet of the Apes" episode, and Jason mentioned his "man crush" on Roddy McDowell.


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