Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Astro Apes Inflatables

Astro Apes

I've blogged about the bootleg Planet of the Apes knock off action figure line "The Astro Apes" before but I never thought I'd run into more merchandising for such a fly by night line.

Then I run into these insane dime store rarities, let us have a looksie this box inside after the jump.

Astro Apes

The box itself utilizes some of the artwork from the Astro Apes header card and keeps the same characters as well. The box lists an importer "Dan Brechner & Co" which is something the action figures do not, heck there isn't a manufacturer, probably because 20th Century Fox and Mego were on the warpath for knock off apes.

I've since discovered the Astro Apes came from "United Manufacturing Company"

So, what is in this box?

Astro Apes
Weird little inflatable figures of the characters, they look exactly like the action figures, that's a staggering amount of continuity and care for what essentially was a series of cheap Planet of the Apes rip off figures.

If I saw these on a counter as a kid, I think the money would have left my hands before I knew it.

Astro Apes

Here is Warrior Ape, Dr Zorma and Myra posing with their namesakes. I wonder if there is any other cheap-o Astro Apes merchandise still out there? Hopefully we find out!


Valohir said...

There are two Astro Ape finger puppets in package on eBay for 28$ each right now

Hugh Walter said...

Too cool for ape-school!



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