Thursday, September 01, 2016

Parker Brothers Video Games

I had three of the four games on this page, I'll leave it to your imagination which one I passed on.


Jody said...

That Strawberry Shortcake game was HORRIBLE and I LOVE Strawberry Shortcake! The music is SO AWFUL and all you do is switch Head/Body/Legs to get the right character, which is super easy and dumb. I know what they all look like/ There's no actual game or challenge. After you have played it once, it's over. Way worse than ET!

C. Louis Wolfe said...

Either SW:TESB...or SW:JA? ;^)

pro wrestling photog said...

I wanted that Star Wars Jedi Arena but I'm probably happy that I never got it.

Anonymous said...

C. Louis Wolfe is telling it like it is. I hope you passed on Jedi Arena. Some early promotional ads included a screen-cap of the "arena" with a description of game-play. Serious mistake for an exceptionally poor game.

At least Strawberry Shortcake has some redeeming value as a rare, early example of a video game for girls.


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