Thursday, September 08, 2016

Star Trek turns 50

Star Trek turns 50 today as it marks the day the initial episode (although most Trek fans know it's not technically the first) "The Man Trap" first graced out screens.

Being a kid of 1970s, I fell under it's siren song when the show was just under ten and we have blogged about it a crap ton (a unit of measurement here in Canada), so here's some of my favourite content. Beam down after the jump:

I was lucky enough to meet a Trek collector who had some incredible merchandise from the late 1960s and create a gallery page for them.

I've gone over dozens of colouring books at PlaidStallions over the years but none as bizarre as the infamous "Clown Planet" one.

And this is just a tenth of all the cool Trek related things we've done in the last decade, hit us up on the facebook page and let us know what your favourite piece of Star Trek merchandise was.

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