Saturday, February 28, 2015

We love you Mr Spock

Yesterday's loss of Leonard Nimoy felt strangely personal to me, perhaps because as someone smarter than me said "It feels like we lost a friend".

Nimoy's portrayal of Mr Spock has always been a topic of conversation here at PlaidStallions, especially all the wonderful Star Trek merchandise that we 70s kids got.

Toy makers such as Remco, Mego, AHI and others recognized Nimoy as the most recognizable factor of the show and his visage appeared on thousands of items during the course of our childhood, here are some of my favourites.

Beam down after the jump:

I'll miss you sir.


Sam G said...

It hit me pretty hard as well. A Star Trek metal detector? Really?

benestro138 said...
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benestro138 said...

Nimoy has been there as long as I can remember existing. It seems absurd that he's gone.

. said...

No Mister Rock.???


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