Sunday, February 15, 2015

Krofft Week Wrap up

I got a lot of nice mail over Krofft week and many folks wanted to join in! Seeing as most of you have better collections than me, it made sense to showcase them here today.

Manuel has a great selection of Krofft borad games, I've never seen the Bugaloo's one above.

A lot of folks noticed my lack of Pufnstuf merch this week, mea culpa?

I am going to assume this is all the same game with different shows plastered on them.

Sharry sent in this awesome Bigfoot and Wildboy puzzle I want to own.

Speaking of Sharry, she's also got some cool encounters with former Krofft celebrities, here she is with Sigmund's Johnny Whitaker.

And here she is with Far Out Space Nut's Chuck McCann!

Thanks everybody for digging Krofft week, it shall return.

1 comment:

MaGnUs said...

They might not be the same game in different boxes, as they're all for different age brackets.


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