Thursday, February 12, 2015

Krofft Week: Wonderbug!

Aw yeah, Wonderbug is definitely in my top five Krofft shows, basically a live action speed buggy with a little Shazam! sprinkled in for good measure, what's not to love. Above is the Wonderbug toy cars made by Duncan (the yo-yo people).

Here's a whole display of them. I really need to track down one of these.

This is the Wonderbug pedal car, I wouldn't know where to put this but I pray i never see one at a flea market...

I am not surprised to see there is a Wonderbug puzzle by HG Toys, I am now convinced they made puzzles of my first communion.

I did not know however that there was a Wonderbug board game, the art work on the box is pretty great.


Lastly we did a Colouring book theatre a few years ago for Wonderbug, my friend Sharry graciously provided the scans. You can check it out here.

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