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Colouring Book Theatre: Mork from Ork: An Outer Space Activity Book

Mork from Ork: An Outer Space Activity Book (1979), Grosset and Dunlop.
          This month I received a box of joy from Tracy, who generously donated some colouring books so that I could share them with the world. 
           I thought I'd open with this remind of when "Mork Mania" briefly swept our landscape, distracting briefly us from Roller Boogie and .

This book also serves as a bit of a redemption for artist Tony Tallarico, who was last mentioned in this oddity, as it shows he was fully capable of drawing likeness.

Grab your crayons and rainbow suspenders and join me after the jump

LOTR coloring book

The book itself is largely a collection of photos, (semi lazy) pages of just signs but when they do show Mork it's a decent Robin Williams likeness. 

LOTR coloring book

Mork is never not shown in his space suit, suggesting that early publicity photos were all that was given to the artist.

Lord of the Rings coloring book

This book is also (unforgivably) 100% Conrad Janis free, perhaps it's greatest flaw....

Lord of the Rings coloring book

However, Mindy makes a brief appearance! Like millions, I had a little childhood crush on Ms Dawber. If "girls next door" held a pageant, she'd have swept every category in the late 70s.

Lord of the Rings coloring book

When I originally thought up the concept for this site one of the early contenders for it's name was "Shazbot". I often use this as a curse around the house, I think my kids think it's a legitimate swear.

Thanks again Tracy! If you have a submission for colouring book theatre drop me a line at brick *at*!

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