Sunday, September 14, 2014

Spotlight: Funko Universal Monster Reaction Figures

Any reader of this blog can ascertain two things a) I like monsters and b) I'm fond of 3 3/4" action figures. So it shouldn't come as a big shock that when Funko made it's announcement they were going to conquer the world with Kenner style figures, I was pretty excited.

I'll admit the majority of the properties didn't entice me (I've never even seen the Goonies) but I pre ordered the Universal Monsters before I saw what they look like, I just know me. 

It did make me wonder though if they could really top my beloved Remco Monsters, the results after the jump:

The card art is probably my favorite UM design in years.  It was hard to pop them off the cards but in the end, I did the deed.

The packaging fits in all too well with other monster lines. From left to right: Glasslite Dracula, Remco Dracula and Funko Drac.

Likeness isn't always there and I know some folks want sideshow quality in everything, but me? I like a little "clunk" in my toys so I'm kind of smitten with the way these look.


There are glow in the dark chase figures floating around, I was not lucky enough to get a golden ticket so I will be actively searching for them at retail.

The Phantom of the Opera is the Standout for me, he's got some nice little details.

It's weird but I'm always in a panic to get the Creature in every set, I forgot to order the Bride but history has shown her as something of a peg warmer, so I look forward to finding her at retail.

These photos are all well and good but how do they stack up next to the Remco Monsters?

Judge for yourself.

I should point out the irony that BOTH wolfman figures has trouble standing.

At ten bucks a pop, I could not recommend these more. 

I got mine at Entertainment Earth (Use this link and I get a bit of store credit) but they should be hitting local comic shops too and they can always use support.


Unknown said...

Nice! I haven't spotted these figures yet but I'm looking forward to picking them up.

And although it's not the same scale, have you seen the ''classic monster'' figures from Imaginext in their blind-bags? So far we've had the Mummy, the Gill-Man, Frankenstein's Monster and Dracula (plus some other cool stuff like aliens and robots...) They're worth a look!

Plaidstallions said...

I will be checking those out, thanks!

Unknown said...

I've a review of The Mummy figure on my blog and the Dracula review will be live around 11:00 AM EST.

George McGowan said...

Great review, as always. Wanted to let you know I linked to your review in my profile of the Funko ReAction Universal Monsters colllection on my blog:


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