Sunday, September 28, 2014

Colouring Book Theatre: Star Trek color and activity book

The Amazing Spider-Man: "Star Trek Color and Activity book" by Merrigold Press

If anybody has been reading the blog, you'll know I pretty much adore Star Trek coloring books, mostly because a) They're terrible and b) often hilarious (see this for more)

When I bought this book it seemed familiar but I swore I'd never done it, that isn't totally true. This reprinted book is the other half of the story of "Rescue at Rylo" which I have reviewed here and commented that it made no sense.

That's because Merrigold Press broke the story into two pieces when they recycled it for the launch of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Not a single kid probably cared, nor should, but I needed the closure.

Grab your crayons and still suit and join me after the jump

Batman coloring book

"Dr Rycho" is the lead villain here, the book opens with him already capturing Kirk (which is shown in Rescue at Rylo)

Dune coloring book

Spock will smack a smurf that disrespects him. 

Dune coloring book

Yup, his minions are named "Motards" not to confused with "Moutarde" which is French for mustard. /funfact

Dune coloring book

This move is called the Rip Taylor.

Dune coloring book

It seems Rycho's plan is to drain Kirk's mojo to fix his Motards, these guys just start humping everything.

Batman coloring book

Shat-Power activate!

Batman coloring book

I close with this nice drawing of the crew, it's nice to see Uhura depicted as African American in this, so often she was drawn as a blonde and nobody at Paramount licensing would catch it....

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Junk Fed said...

The Rip Taylor. Hilarious. I so badly want to color these pages.


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