Thursday, September 11, 2014

Star Wars Micro Collection Love

The Star Wars Micro Collection came out in 1982 and just as I had sort of kind of given up on the galaxy far, far away. I was 11 and being wooed by Star Trek reruns and the return of GI Joe (which was more of a passing fancy) but deep down I was sorely tempted.

Had the figures been sold seperately on cards instead of sets, I'd have been powerless to resist them.


Anonymous said...

Ironic you should be blogging on this. Just earlier this year the official Star Wars site did a two part

I'm pleased the official Star Wars site confirmed what I remember as a kid. These were a bust. Everyone had gotten used to the "action figure" concept and these were a step back in time to our dads' and grand-dad's toy figures. That, in itself, is the final irony considering how incredibly detailed figures became even as recently as the mid-90s. To this day, I'll never forget coming into work and having a fellow toy nerd waving a magazine cover at me, "Check out the new Boba Fett they're releasing!" Boba looked good. In fact, he looked incredible, right down to the red mandalorian logo on his left shoulder. I was impressed and said so. Then the toy-nerd sprung it on me, "That's a close-up. He's a standard 3-3/4" figure from the new Power Of The Force line." The same thing happened all over again when Star Wars got serious about re-releasing 12" versions of their famous characters.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

awesome, this brings back some good memories.

Anonymous said...

What's interesting about these is that although they were a bust when they first came out, they were highly sought after in the 90s when West End Games published the Star Wars miniature battles rule book.


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