Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Sky Diving Parachutists


Ever since I mocked up a set of parachuting AHI Super Monsters last year, I've been kind of smitten and inspired to make more. I had a major spurt of creativity this summer and here is the result.

Above is a Brick Mantooth Parachutist, this was inevitable and I'll likely do a bunch of different variations for him. I wish they made plaid spray paint.


We got AHI Parachutist figures for Space:1999, so why not Gerry Anderson's other 70s opus, UFO? I've got Ed Straker half done right now.


Finally I made this for my pal and podcast partner Jason Lenzi for his birthday (delivering a full two months late) it's the first of many TV detectives I plan to make. Seriously, I'm going to make a Quincy.

More soon!

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Jonster said...

Forget Quincy, I want to see Ironside!

Anonymous said...

make a paul lynde parachutist next

Seventiesfan said...

Quincy? Don't forget to include the fainting policemen in the artwork. Also, I'd love to see a parachuting Mildred or Agatha from McMillan and Wife.

Tex said...

If you make a Banacek, I'll buy it!

(I'll even supply you with an "Old Polish Proverb" to put on the card)


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