Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Evel Knievel for daredevil thrills and action!

It's no surprise that Ideal claimed at one point that it sold more than $125 million of Knievel merchandise, I think even the amish kids wanted one of these.

True fact: I have never in my life, played with one of these....

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Ghetto Gepetto said...

My friend, if you have truly never played with one of these I daresay, your 70's experience was not complete. Evel Knievel is a strong contender for greatest toy line ever. Bendy figures, lots of different vehicles, durable enough to take jumps off the patio or roof, and a hand cranked motor, the sound of which still brings me nostalgic delight to this day. I hope you get to indulge some day soon.


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