Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Super Friends Saturday night

A sad glimpse of what the Superfriends do with their time off. Those of you who like to make Aquaman jokes, note that he appears to have something better to do.

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Neal P said...

Robin stuck playing board games with the old folks on a Saturday night. No wonder he got all rebellious and Nightwingy in the 80s!

Anonymous said...

awww... c'mon, Neal P. You think Wonder Woman likes playing a dumb game like Parcheesie either?

No way! This is definitely Bat Man and Supe settling up who's alpha-dog over at the Justice League.

Wonder Woman and Robin are clearly just getting dragged to these "friendly games" by their pushy, competition-obsessed boyfriends only to sit there bored out of their minds the whole night. Heck... you remember high school, right? Every girl with a jock boyfriend HAD to go to his games, just because.

Same thing here.

Hobgoblin238 said...

This is what led to the Dark Knight returns. Batman harbored the loss of parchessi for years.


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